Firm Update, May 2018

Data seems to be quite the buzzword lately, and we wanted to inform you on how we as a firm are dealing with security especially regarding cyberspace and all of the concerns around cyber security and data protection that are making the news. Last fall, we made the decision to move to the Microsoft Cloud. What does this mean? It means that none of your data is stored on site in our office any longer. Microsoft has a much larger budget and capacity to deal with threats of cyber security, and we, as well as many security experts, feel that your information is much better protected offsite in Canada. Also, should anything catastrophic happen, a flood in the office for example, we will still be able to provide you with all of our essential services with very minimal interruption and we won’t lose any of your information. We are constantly on the look out for what we can do next to ensure that your personal information is safe and when it comes to protecting your data, we take that responsibility seriously.

Another major shift has been our efforts to improve the quantity but also the quality of our communications. By now, most of you should have received 2 editions of our monthly Davis Rea Connection which includes a small write up by John, some company updates, interesting reads, and anything else we feel you might enjoy with your Saturday morning coffee. We’ve also started to make our online presence more engaging by updating our social media pages more regularly. We always post reminders before BNN appearances, as well as the clips afterwards. We post links to our blog, and any other content that we think might interest you or be relevant to your holdings. Most of these pages are public, meaning you don’t have to have an account on a social media platform to take a look.

We’ve also decided to redesign the quarterly publications we send with your reports. Your comments and suggestions are heard, and we take our client feedback seriously. Every quarter we send out two publications—the Funds Report and the Big Picture. Going forward, the two will be become one report in an effort to keep it more engaging and less complex. There will still be some commentary from J.J. and an overview of the funds, but the more technical information from the Big Picture will be kept for the additional newsletter launching next month. Any questions or suggestions should be directed to Laura at or 416 324 2216.

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