Who’s The Biggest Loser In The U.S. And China Trade War?

The trade war between the U.S. and China is on everyone’s radar but how important is it, really? Let’s be clear, in trade both parties should enjoy benefits and in war, there are no winners. So, in this war who is the biggest loser? Let’s look at the facts: The U.S. economy is roughly a … Continue reading Who’s The Biggest Loser In The U.S. And China Trade War?

Cannabis Flash, September 2018

Below is a video about CannTrust Holdings Inc., a portfolio investment at Davis Rea which we have written about previously. It's the only real business-oriented, non-promotional cannabis company listed in Canada and is rumoured to list on the Nasdaq soon. We have owned it for quite some time and they continue to under promise and … Continue reading Cannabis Flash, September 2018

Amazon Flash, March 2018

It’s about time. From Friday's Wall Street Journal: “Walmart is in preliminary discussions to buy Humana…While Walmart has long been a dominant pharmacy player, a deal would push it into new business lines. Humana manages private Medicare insurance plans and owns its own pharmacy benefit management business. One obvious rationale lies beneath these talks: Retailers … Continue reading Amazon Flash, March 2018