Cannabis Flash, September 2018

Below is a video about CannTrust Holdings Inc., a portfolio investment at Davis Rea which we have written about previously. It’s the only real business-oriented, non-promotional cannabis company listed in Canada and is rumoured to list on the Nasdaq soon. We have owned it for quite some time and they continue to under promise and over deliver. Strong financials, growth opportunities and strategic partnerships (such as the recent deal to market their products with Breakthru Beverage Group, Canada’s largest beverage alcohol broker of premium spirits, wine and beer brands) are some of the reasons we have invested with them. I think the market is only beginning to grasp the significance of the deal they just did. Watch the video and the importance of what they have accomplished will become evident.

Click To Watch

If you missed our piece on marijuana back in June, click here to read it!

Thank you for reading,

John O’Connell and the Davis Rea Team

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